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EXOSOME Regenerate Complex

EXOXE™ Exosome Regenerate Complex is a powerful serum formulated with stem cell-derived exosomes that effectively target signs of aging and revitalize skin. Its advanced technology allows for deeper penetration, stimulating cellular renewal, and improving overall skin health for a more youthful and radiant appearance.

1. anti-inflammatory

The most notable effect is the anti-inflammatory effect. It is used as an alternative to steroids for dermatitis, inflammatory acne, hair follicles, and atopic dermatitis.

2. antioxidant

Exosomes help suppress active oxygen, which is harmful to the human body, with strong antioxidants, thereby improving wrinkles and preventing aging.

3. regenerative

Exosomes induce the regeneration of damaged cells through paracline effects. It has a wide range of effects by rebuilding the skin barrier and creating blood vessels.

4. whitening

Exosomes help improve skin color by reducing melanin production in cells. It quickly restores skin tone colored with ultraviolet exposure.

$1,500.00 per box (5 sets/box)

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